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B&S KINETICS HOUSING The carbon fibre housing has a net weight of 3.8 kg and measures 155*155*315 mm in size. It can accommodate a camera up to 200 mm long. The carbon fibre and epoxy resin composite material used, better known in Formula One and light aircraft manufacturing circles, has the strength of steel with all the advantages of plastic. It is rot proof, durable, and will not be damaged by sea water and UV rays. A 3.6" TFT colour display gives a preview of the short. The display is battery-powered and lasts for up to 8 hours. Fitting the camcorder into the underwater housing is very straightforward. It is fixed onto a plate with tripod screws and placed in the centre of the port pane. As with all universal underwater housings, wide angle or macro converters must be fitted to the camcorder lens inside the housing. This means that lenses cannot be changed under water. The underwater housing has two secured quick release latches for efficient opening and closing of the underwater housing. One main O-ring seals the two halves of the housing. Thanks to innovative lip design, this O-ring does not need to be greased. Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water, after which the underwater housing can be simply and safely closed again. SEALUX Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled out of a monoblock, hard anodized and passivated in a special process to make it seawater-resistant. Precision-guided on a special slide, the camcorder is introduced into the front part of the housing. Installation errors can therefore be excluded. The high resolving color TFT-LCD monitor offers a sharp picture of 3.6” in 16:9 format that is rich in contrast. On- and Off switching of the monitor functions automatically with ON-OFF of the camcorder. Due to the viewing angle of 30° to the swimming position and the efficient sunshield you can perfectly watch the picture taking even in shallow water.
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