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The REMOTE MOTION CONTROLLED UNDERWATER HD TRACK named Spirit explores the limits of sub-aquatic filming. The system consists in a watertight lens turret and a unique motion-memory digital remote. The camera head delivers a signal embedded HD-SDI 1080 i/p. The combination of a new digital board and high-performance engine allows for an acute precision of movement and a speed range unmatched to this day. Approved at the French and European swimming championships and during London Olympic Games (for France TV on ours TV set), this new PTZ HD system is the flagship of our technology to date. 350° pan and 350° tilt, the rotational speed is over 200°/ sec. The remote allows you to store positions, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, all working on low voltage.  SPIRIT systems were used during - France TV (on TV set) London Olympic Games (Summer 2012) - European Swimming Championships (Chartres - November 2012 ) - France Swimming Championships (1999 - 2013) - FINA World Championships in Barcelona (July 2013) - LEN European Swimming Championships (Herning - December 2013)



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