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SPIRIT Track & Head
The REMOTE MOTION CONTROLLED UNDERWATER HD TRACK named "Spirit" explores the limits of sub-aquatic filming. The "SPIRIT" is an exceptional PTZ camera on an waterproof dolly, perfect for heavy-duty tasks and ideal to operate in underwater environments, such as swimming championship applications. The system need 2 operators, 1 for the camera remote and 1 for the dolly remote. The Full HD camera, available in 30x zoom, 1080i/p is totaly controlled from the surface to identifies the details of a scene and delivering live video feed in a broadcast quality to the OBvan. Approved at the French European swimming championships and during London Olympic Games (for France TV on ours TV set), "SPIRIT" PTZ HD system is the flagship of our technology to date. 350° pan and 350° tilt, the rotational speed is over 200°/ sec. The dolly can run at 3,5m/s! The remote allows you to store positions, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, all working on low voltage. Today we use the V4 version and we works on the next system.
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