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SUBSPACE camera lens for GoPro Hero 3 Photographers and videographers know that it is impossible to achieve quality images with large angular targets mounted behind portholes plans when the field angle exceeds 80 ° or 90 °. Problems of refraction between water and air environments create all the more important that the angle of aberration field large. GoPro recording in 1080p, offers a spectacular field angle of 127 ° with a Full HD quality. It is not thinkable to get the best of this little camera with a simple flat port. PICTURES SUBSPACE has leveraged its experience in underwater optics which make its reputation for over 20 years to develop an optical system consisting of a spherical window that removes outliers and maintains the angle of view. This is corrected in the water, a lens mounted between the camera and the door. This so-called "afocal" is based on the same principle as the larger optics fitted to all watertight compartments. It provides crisp and sharp images, free field decreases, aberrations and fuzzy in the corners inherent windows mounted in front of lenses with an angle as wide field plans. Even deformations specific to the camera lens could be slightly reduced. Note that this box is limited underwater land the maximum focus distance is about 2 meters. GoPro and tested - 60m The system is 100% compatible with the new GoPro HERO3 model 1920x1080 - 127 °
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