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This poolside motorized system combines a track arm, a remote control underwater video camera with pan, tilt and roll unit in one compact assembly that can rotate to look in any direction in and out of water. It is designed to capture footage of a swimmer from above and below the water line and the transition between. The system can be easily repositioned to cover swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming, it is operated by one technician. Specifications Operation : 1 Camera screen control /1 PGM screen control / Engineering touch computer control panel Turn Head : NEO Camera: Switchable format, full engineering controls from operator position - Iris, gain, aperture, black level, colour balance & saturation 3 Axes control : Pan / Tilt 340°, Roll 240° Zoom camera control : Optical image stabilizer lens / Motorized 30x zoom F1.6 to F4.7 (f=4.3 mm to 129 mm) Max system speed : variable up to 4 m/s Power : 220V - 110V 4A supply / Poolside fiber box for HD SDI Underwater equipment is run on 24V (safety extra low voltage) Vertical Mini Track
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