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DEEP VISION is a French film company specialized in underwater filming. DEEP VISION offers the expertise in cinema, documentaries, advertising and live TV broadcast. Water sports are in full booms in recent years. National and international championships, swimming, water polo, underwater hockey are so much activities that require underwater shooting. This new application program is a special market where DEEP VISION is the leader. Our innovations in filming technique offer best in class underwater equipment : multi-functional HD tracking cameras designed for world class swimming events, motion control remote HD turn heads to capture shots of flip-turn, diving, synchronized swimming from beneath the water line, lighting, sound and team hiring. Our Engineering department is able to create any project from conception to the final product according to all clients needs. REFERENCES US Olympic Swimming Trial (Omaha, NE-USA - June 2016) JAPAN SWIM 2016 ( Tokyo, Japan - April 2016) FFN Golden Tour (Nice-Amiens-Marseille, France - Jan.-Feb. 2016) European Water Polo Championships (Belgrade, Serbia - Jan. 2016) FINA Worl Swimming Cup (Doha, Qatar - Nov. 2015 - Oct. 2016) FINA Worl Swimming Cup (Beijing, China - Sept. 2015) FINA Worl Swimming Cup (Paris-Chartres, France - Aug. 2015 - Aug. 2016) 16th FINA World Championships (Kazan, Russia - July - Aug. 2015) 17th Asian Games (Incheon, Korea - Sept. 2014) 32nd LEN European Swimming Championships (Berlin, Germany - Aug. 2014) MARE NOSTRUM - XXXII Swimming International Meeting (Monte Carlo, Monaco - June 2014) 4th Open Make Up For Ever - Synchronized Swimming (Montreuil, France - March 2014) European Short Course Swimming Championships (Herning, Danemark - Dec. 2013) 15th FINA World Championships (Barcelona, Spain - July 2013) European Swimming Championships (Chartres, France - Nov. 2012) London Olympic Games (United Kingdom - Summer 2012 - France TV) France Swimming Championships (1999 - 2014)
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